Pakistani Truck Artist pays Homage to George Floyd 


“This artwork not only pays reverence to George Floyd but it pays a tribute to everyone fighting inequality and injustice”, said the Pakistani Truck Artist Haider Ali as he painted a mural of Floyd on the wall of his house in Karachi, Pakistan.
The portrait of George Floyd is painted in the traditional Pakistani truck art style. Alongside are slogans written depicting the popular truck poetry manner, “Goron ki na kaalon ki Dunya dil walon ki” and “Hum kalay hain tou kya huwa dil walay hain”.



The background of Haider Ali’s piece is the black night sky with starts twinkling on it.” Black is an essential color of the universe .It is due to the black color of the sky that we are able to see the stars. Every Artist in the world realizes the importance and beauty of the black color”, explained the truck artist beautifully. “ALLAH Almighty has made every human equal. The religion Islam too discourages all kinds of racism.” said Haider Ali.


Artists from all over the world including the Pakistani truck artist Haider Ali have paid homage to the black man who uttered his last words “ I can’t breathe “ under the knee of a white cop and died in that fatal arrest . His brutal killing by Police sparked nationwide protests and a widespread outcry against the racial inequality in the US.
Artwork comprising the pictures of George Floyd has become a paradigmatic symbol for protesters and an image of unification with the Black community across the world.
George Floyd is a powerful name to go down in the history as his death induced the #blacklivesmatter movement to protest against the racism and inequality in not only US but around the world.


“This act of barbarism makes me think of also the Muslims living in Indian Occupied Kashmir, Palestine and Myanmar and elsewhere, what they have to go through every day? They are subjected to injustice and cruelty on the basis of religious bias, tortured and killed. They are living their lives in fear every minute. I plead that the world must raise voice for them too. “concluded Haider Ali.

33 thoughts on “Pakistani Truck Artist pays Homage to George Floyd 

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  2. Brilliant work from our wonderful truck artist Haider Ali. Let the world voices speak in unison against Racism and Police brutality.

  3. Fabulous work! Good to see Pakistani artists making politically progressive art that challenges internalized desi racism

  4. This is a beautiful tribute! George Floyd and others before him will not die in vain! God Bless all artists paying tribute to peace and equality!

  5. Reblogged this on everythingShaheen and commented:
    Urdu speaking friends and I have been brainstorming how to translate Black Lives Matter into Urdu, Hindi, and other languages from the subcontinent. Instinctively, using words poetically, metaphorically to communicate the message behind the movement reignited by the video of George Floyd’s murder seemed like the way to go, but none of us landed on a phrase.

    However, artist Haider Ali of Karachi, Pakistan did:

    Goron ki na kaalon ki
    Dunya dil walon ki

    [The world is not for White nor Black
    It is for people of the heart]

    Hum kalay hain tou kya huwa dil walay hain
    [We are black, so what? We are people with heart]

    As usual, the translation doesn’t well, translate. There’s a nod to ‘dil walay’ (lover vs fighter – or more literally people with heart) — a common protagonist in South Asian cinema is often the underdog who changes the hearts and minds of the masses– mostly through love, but heroic fights and musical numbers– much like what we see in the protests throughout the United States.

  6. Very proud of you that you have also added your valuable expression through your art. Well done we in Pakistan abhor the suppression of minorities be it in the US, India, Palestine or Kashmir.

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  8. Very deeply moved & impressed by the gesture – To all the oppressed people in the world.
    We all love truck art anyway.

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  10. I am sending a curse on this pakistani artist who is speaking out against killing a non muslim but pakistani army is killing innocent people every day not a word for them
    They are also raising their voices for the person who was killed in the United States who are shedding the blood of the people inside Pakistan
    Curse curse curse

    • With respect to Mr. Latifullah, from where you get information that Pakistani Army is killing people every day, they have killed all of those agents of enemy countries who were killing indiscriminately every day, now we are in peace, thanks to Pak Army.

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